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                 Please remain seated, turbulence
            1    may occur at any time.
                 No standing permitted.

            2    We are serving Tuesday--- Saturday,
                 17:00 to 01:00.

                 Speak... easy, mind your manners.
            3    We ask you to refrain from
                 flash photography and phone calls.                                   Rites

            4    Credit cards only--- cash is reserved                                     +
                 for tips and paying the ferryman

                 Theft of property, including this                                 Rituals
            5    menu, will be met with curses and
                 cruel and unusual punishment.

           6     Keep an open mind, experience
                 the unknown.

                 Vodka sodas are available from
            7    9am---4pm. We open at 5pm and look
                 forward to seeing you.

                 The goddess Hecate demands a
            8    sacrificial 20% gratuity.  However,
                 you are welcome to increase or
                 abstain from this offering.
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